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Event Description

Emerging highly portable MRI technology is revolutionizing neuroscience research. Instead of participants traveling to the scanner, the scanner will come to them. In this conference, top multidisciplinary experts will explore the urgent ethical and legal issues raised by portable MRI. Presentations will include recommendations developed in an NIH BRAIN Initiative grant on how to navigate key ethical and legal issues; as well as explorations of access issues, equity, privacy, data control, the role of the IRB, safety, and artificial intelligence. The conference will highlight the importance of community engagement and concerns raised by research in special populations including children and those with dementia. This conference is supported in part by the NIH BRAIN Initiative Grant Highly Portable and Cloud-Enabled Neuroimaging Research: Confronting Ethics Challenges in Field Research with New Populations (RF1MH123698).

Event Details

Speaker Name(s)
Donnella S. Comeau, MD, PhD
Sean C. L. Deoni, PhD
Kafui Dzirasa, MD, PhD
Barbara Evans, JD, PhD, LLM
Damien Fair, PA-C, PhD
Martha J. Farah, PhD
Michael Garwood, PhD
S. Duke Han, PhD
Rev. Alvin C. Hathaway, Sr., PhD, DMin
Judy Illes, PhD
Jonathan Jackson, PhD
Eran Klein, MD, PhD
Frances Lawrenz, PhD
Khara M. Ramos, PhD
Anita Randolph, PhD
Matthew S. Rosen, PhD
Francis X. Shen, JD, PhD
Efraín Torres, PhD
Paul Tuite, MD
J. Thomas Vaughan, PhD
Susan M. Wolf, JD
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