TraineeHub: Finding and Making Sense of NIH Funding Opportunities

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Join us on Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

Identifying funding opportunities at NIH that match your career and research goals can be overwhelming. Internet searches may return enough acronyms to fill a cauldron of alphabet soup. Once you find an opportunity, progressing through the maze of details can raise more questions than answers. What are the next steps to take? To help demystify these tasks, this moderated session will explore what to look for when seeking NIH funding opportunities, and how to interpret what you find. An NHGRI program officer and an ELSI grantee will discuss how to find NIH funding opportunities that support early-career ELSI research, identify their key attributes, and answer your questions about what comes next.

Speakers: Dave Kaufman, PhD & Marsha Michie, PhD

For those who cannot attend the live event, the session will be recorded and archived on the ELSIhub Video page.

Live captioning services will be provided by a certified Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) captioner and available via closed captioning. Closed captions will also be available for the recording.

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Dave Kaufman, PhD
Marsha Michie, PhD

United States

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