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All of Us Research Program Releases Tribal Consultation Final Report

NIH to enhance tribal engagement efforts for precision medicine research: Tribal leaders inform All of Us Research Program’s next steps to include tribal communities 


The Sulston Project: Making the Knowledge Commons for Interpreting Inherited Cancer Risk More Effective

The Sulston Project is a joint research effort at Arizona State University and Baylor College of Medicine named after John Sulston, the champion of open science who, with Bob Waterston, crafted the…


Developing Resources for DNA Testing at the Border: BorderDNA Working Group

Emerging technological advances and political shifts have expanded immigration-related DNA applications beyond relationship tests within a family for visa petitions. Several U.S. government programs…


From Trainees to Scholars: Three ELSI Career Paths

ELSI scholarship is constantly evolving as new technologies raise new ethical challenges and questions. For younger scholars in the field, this presents ample opportunity to explore original topics…

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ELSIhub Collections | Race, Genetics, and Genetics Education

Click here for all ELSIhub Collections Collection Editors Brian M. Donovan, PhD, Research Scientist, BSCS Science Learning Daphne O. Martschenko, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Stanford Center…

Trainee Hub


A Resource for ELSI Trainees and Early Career Scholars TraineeHub provides a central location for networking and resources for trainees and early career scholars in ELSI research.​​​​​​ This private…


ABOUT ELSIconversations is a series of networking events on ELSI research. Each series will bring something new to the conversation, be it a series on research methods, latest developments in a…