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The Forefront of Genomics: ELSI and NHGRI’s 2030 Strategic Vision

After two years of planning, the NHGRI released its 2030 “Strategic vision for improving human health at The Forefront of Genomics.” published in Nature on October 28, 2020. Acknowledging the…

New Research

Will the benefits of genomics research reach “All of Us”?

One approach to identifying new potential drug targets, Dr. Keolu Fox, a human geneticist in the Indigenous Futures Lab at the University of California, San Diego claims, is adding genetic…

In Memoriam

Albert R. Jonsen, PhD (1931-2020) Foundational Scholar of Bioethics

Albert R. Jonsen, PhD (1931-2020), a foundational figure and scholar in bioethics, died at his home in San Francisco on October 21, 2020. His extraordinary contributions to the field of bioethics and…

New Research

Corporate wellness programs, a threat to privacy?

Genetic testing is increasingly offered as a benefit in employer-sponsored health and wellness programs. Despite rapidly growing popularity of wellness programs, there is little evidence to support…

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ELSI in Action: Eight Presentations from the ELSI Virtual Forum

The ELSI Virtual Forum, held online in June 2020, presented eight of the talks planned for the 2020 ELSI Congress, sadly canceled due to the pandemic.  The recorded presentations are now available in…

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for ELSIhub Events The ELSI community of scholars has attempted to nurture an academic culture that embraces the importance of diversity, supports the mentorship of young scholars,…