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ELSIconversations debuts with a series of six themed one-hour networking discussions on ELSI research. Join us from 12:00-1:00 pm ET / 9:00-10:00 am PT starting Friday, February 26.

This initial series of discussions focuses on presentations that were originally accepted for the canceled 2020 ELSI Congress and are now available as ~15-minute videos. Please watch the videos you are interested in before attending the related discussion.  They will not be shown during the discussion.

The presenters will answer questions about their research and take part in an open discussion with all attendees.  Please bring your questions, join the discussion, and expect to network with your colleagues. We hope you will make new connections and start new conversations on ELSI research!

The schedule of the talks and a link to each video are below. Please register for each ELSIconversations event you would like to attend. Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Please note: by registering for an ELSIhub event participants and attendees agree to abide by the ELSIhub Code of Conduct.


February 26 - Ethics Practices for the Direct-to-Consumer Industry - REGISTER

Co-Moderators: Mildred Cho and Alexis Walker

March 5 - Community Perspectives on Recruitment to Genetics Research - REGISTER

Co-Moderators: Sandra Soo-Jin Lee and Michelle McGowan

March 19 - Oversight of Human-Animal Chimera Research: Views of Scientists, Researchers, Oversight Committees, and the Public - REGISTER

Co-Moderators: Mildred Cho and Hank Greely

March 26 - Identifying Best Practices for Clinical Genetics Delivery - REGISTER

Co-Moderators: Sandra Soo-Jin Lee and Barbara Biesecker

April 2 - Issues at the Intersection of Identity and Genome Science - REGISTER

Co-Moderators: Mildred Cho and Osagie Obasogie

April 16 - Challenges and Opportunities in Implementing Precision Medicine at the National Scale - REGISTER

Co-Moderators: Sandra Soo-Jin Lee and Malia Fullerton