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ELSIconversations is a series of networking events focused on a range of ELSI research topics. Many sessions offer practical solutions, recommend action steps, and supply useful resources. Each series brings something new to the conversation–be it a novel use of research methodologies, the latest developments in genomics, new trainee research, or any topic suggested by our community of ELSI researchers and those with an interest in ELSI research. The goal of ELSIconversations is for everyone involved to make new connections and start new conversations about ELSI research.

To propose a new ELSIconversations event or series, please send us a brief description of the topic(s), goals, ideal audience, and how holding the ELSIconversations may benefit the ELSI community. We will review the proposal and work with you to set up logistics, including an effective format, outreach plan, and hosting of videos or outputs from the event or series.

Check back here and read the ELSIhub Newsletter to find out about upcoming ELSIconversations series!


Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

Exploring Difference in the Biology Classroom

"Bringing together educators and researchers for conversations about the ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) of genetics" is a collaboration between pgEd and CERA presenting the latest ELSI research as  resources for educators to use in the classroom. Click here to watch the recordings of each session, and for more information.

ELSIconversations on Population Genetic Screening Programs

The "Ethical Topics Associated with Population Genomics Screening" networking session held by Kimberly Foss and Kate Saylor at ELSIcon2022 generated so much interest that the conversation has been continued through this three-part ELSIconversations series. Click here to watch the recordings of each session, and for more information.

ELSIcon2022 ELSIconversations

This series included selected recordings from the 2022 ELSI Congress, grouped by topic into four one-hour discussion and networking sessions. The presentation authors briefly recapped their research at each session, followed by moderated discussion and audience Q&A. Click here to watch the recordings of each session, and for more information.

Spring 2022

ELSIconversations with the Ancestry and Diversity Working Group (ADWG) of ClinGen

The initial ADWG ELSIconversations were comprised of a series of three events on population descriptors (e.g., race, ethnicity, and/or ancestry) on clinical genetics laboratory requisition forms. ELSI scholars were invited, along with genetic and genomic researchers and those in related disciplines, to join us for these ELSIconversations and add their voice to interactive discussions of population descriptors in clinical care and genomics. 

Click here to watch recordings of each session, and for more information.

Winter - Spring 2021

ELSIcon2020 ELSIconversations

ELSIcon2020 ELSIconversations focused on presentations that were originally accepted for the canceled 2020 ELSI Congress. The 21 participants recorded 15-minute presentations of their original research which were posted on ELSIhub. All of the videos can be accessed in the series list below and on the ELSIhub video page. The ELSIconversations were six hour-long events, organized by topic, where attendees watched the videos and then came together for discussion and Q&A with the presenters and moderators. While the ELSIconversations were not recorded, all the videos are available to view.

Click here to watch recordings of each session, and for more information.