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Ethical and Legal Challenges Posed by the Implementation of AI Applications in the Healthcare Setting

Healthcare institutions are implementing artificial intelligence (AI) at a rapid pace. The hope is that AI will improve the quality of care and reduce costs in the long run. However, the deployment…
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Exploring the ethics of genetic prioritisation for COVID-19 vaccines

Bruce and Johnson outline known genetic risk factors for COVID-19 and consider the potential role of genomics in vaccine allocation policies. The authors argue in favor of schemes that protect people…


ACTN3: Can Genetics Tell Me if I am Going to be an Olympic Sprinter?

Genetic testing kits are sold for many purposes. Most focus on health and/or ancestry traits, but some of these tests report on genetic markers that have been linked to athletic performance and risk…
ELSIcon2022 Conference May 31-June 3, 2022


The 5th ELSI Congress

ELSIcon2022: Innovating for a Just and Equitable Future ELSIcon2022 will be held as a free, virtual event May 31-June 3, 2022  Join us for over 200 live and on-demand research, networking, keynote…


New ELSIconversations with the Ancestry and Diversity Working Group of ClinGen

The Ancestry and Diversity Working Group (ADWG) of the Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen) was founded in 2017, with the goal of providing guidance about how population descriptors such as race,…


Value Ethics: Mapping Strategies for Value Assessment and Reimbursement of Targeted Genomic Therapies for Rare Diseases – A New CERA Working Group

CERA Working Groups are interdisciplinary teams that aim to deepen our understanding of emerging, high priority, or understudied ELSI issues using innovative approaches.  CERA selects one or two…

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