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Embryo under a microscope


Screening Embryos for Psychiatric Conditions: Public Perspectives, Ethical and Social Issues

The number of genomic loci identified to be associated with psychiatric disorders have substantially increased over the last decade. Alongside developments in polygenic embryo screening (PES; or PGT-…


Navigating Consumer Protections for Genomics and Precision Health: An Interview with Jennifer K. Wagner and Abdulai I. Rashid

Despite their increasingly critical importance, consumer protections available from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state Attorneys General related to the direct-to-consumer genomics and…


ELSI in Review • December 2023

About this listing ELSI in Review is a listing of recently published reviews of the literature on key ELSI topics curated by CERA staff. Our December 2023 set explores public perceptions of AI in…


Emerging Portable Technology for Neuroimaging Research in New Field Settings: Legal & Ethical Challenges

Emerging highly portable MRI technology is revolutionizing neuroscience research. Instead of participants traveling to the scanner, the scanner will come to them. In this conference, top…


Informational Session on the Renewed ELSI Funding Opportunities

The National Human Genome Research Institute, in collaboration with several other NIH Institutes and Offices, recently renewed the three Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs) used to support…

ELSI Friday Forum

ELSI Friday Forum | Affirming Sex and Gender Diversity in Genetics Practices, Policies, and Laws: A Call to Action

  Join us on Friday, December 8, 2023, for the next ELSI Friday Forum: "Affirming sex and gender diversity in genetics practices, policies, and laws: a call to action". Abstract: There are already…

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