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Technologies to Operationalize Indigenous Data Sovereignty


Collection Editor(s): Māui Hudson, BHSc, AIT, MHSc, AUT , Stephanie Carroll, DrPH, MPH

Throughout history, data about Indigenous communities, cultures, and territories have been collected and collated through research and surveillance as part of processes of colonisation and assimilation. Settler colonialism occurs not only on the land but also in the academy where the omission of…

Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) of DNA-based Technologies for Disaster Victim Identification (DVI)


Collection Editor(s): Sara H. Katsanis, M.S. , Diana Madden, M.A.

As we mark the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Washington, D.C. that occurred on September 11, 2001, we reflect on the pain and loss of the events that shook the entire world, some of us very personally. Here, we also pause to note the progress and missteps that…

Current Legal Challenges to Abortion: Implications for Prenatal Genetics


Collection Editor(s): Ellen Wright Clayton, M.D., J.D. , Marsha Michie, Ph.D.

The ability to examine the health of the fetus has expanded dramatically in the last half century. Most of the time, the news is reassuring. However, prenatal screening and diagnosis detect genetic conditions in a small percentage of cases. Effective prenatal intervention for these conditions is…

Game of Bones: Power, Ethics, and Emerging Technology in Paleogenomics Research


Collection Editor(s): Keolu Fox, PhD

The field of paleogenomics is exploding. More ancient genomes were sequenced in 2019 than in all of history. According to The Economist, in 2018, oil was the most traded global commodity. However, in 2021, the demand for oil was surpassed by the demand for data itself, including…

Realizing the Self-Determination Goals of Indigenous People in Genetics Research


Collection Editor(s): Vanessa Y. Hiratsuka, PhD, MPH

Self-determination and tribal sovereignty are core concepts in the lives and histories of Indigenous Peoples. Within the United States, the peoples of the American…

Empirical Evaluation of Arts-Based Informational Aids for ELSI Issues in the Clinic and Beyond


Collection Editor(s): Gretchen A. Case, PhD, MA , Darian Mikelle Hackney

The rapidly changing science of clinical genetics and the complexity of its associated ethical, legal, and social (ELSI) issues call for novel approaches to information delivery and education of healthcare professionals and the public. Compared to traditional communication methodologies, arts-…

Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) at the Intersection of Genomics and Infectious Disease


Collection Editor(s): Debra JH Mathews, PhD, MA , Sheethal Jose

Scientific and technological advances in the field of genomics have the potential to enable targeted clinical and public health measures to manage infectious disease outbreaks. The convergence of the fields of genomics and public health in the context of infectious disease raises a unique…

Race, Genetics, and Genetics Education


Collection Editor(s): Brian M. Donovan, PhD , Daphne O. Martschenko, PhD

The completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 opened up the floodgates of genetic data, ushering in rapid technological and scientific change. Today, the decreasing costs of genome sequencing are changing our understandings of human identity, especially racial identity. Yet, the influence…