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Law Enforcement and Genetic Data: A Discussion for Journalists

Law Enforcement and Genetic Data: A Discussion for Journalists • October 26, 2021 This is the second in a series "Genomics in Society: New Developments, New Questions: Discussions with Journalists"…


Share Your ELSI Research Tools

I write today to encourage ELSI scholars to deposit their published and unpublished research tools into the Research Tools repository on ELSIhub. Since 1990, the ELSI Research Program at the…


2021 Annual PGTME Lunchtime Lecture Series

2021 Annual PGTME Lunchtime Lecture Series Critical Discussions: Multistakeholder Perspectives on the Ethics of Pediatric Gene Therapy Research Pediatric Gene Therapy and Medical Ethics (PGTME) will…


Bioethics Grand Rounds: Moral Distress and Burnout - Baylor College of Medicine

Identifying and Addressing Moral Distress and Burnout Objectives: At the conclusion of the session, the participants should be able to: • Demonstrate an awareness of clinical situations that often…


NHGRI Bold Predictions Seminar #9: Individuals from ancestrally diverse backgrounds will benefit equitably from advances in human genomics

Bold Predictions for Human Genomics by 2030 Bold Prediction #9: Individuals from ancestrally diverse backgrounds will benefit equitably from advances in human genomics. REGISTER HERE Nov 1, 2021…

In the Media

Indigenous-Led Biology, Designed For Native Communities

Science Friday |
Kathleen Davis, Ira Flatow

In the Media

We Need to Ground Truth Assumptions about Gene Therapy

Scientific American |
Maria Broadfoot


Ethical concerns relating to genetic risk scores for suicide

American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics
Docherty, Anna, Kious, Brent, Brown, Teneille, Francis, Leslie, Stark, Louisa, Keeshin, Brooks, Botkin, Jeffrey, DiBlasi, Emily, Gray, Doug, Coon, Hilary
Docherty and colleagues argue that the potential harms of direct-to-consumer genetic testing for suicide risk, including the use of polygenic risk scores for suicide, are far greater than the…


Germline genome modification through novel political, ethical, and social lenses

PLoS Genetics
Xafis, Vicki G., Schaefer, Owen, Labude, Markus K., Zhu, Yujia, Holm, Soren, Sik-Yin Foo, Roger, San Lai, Poh, Chadwick, Ruth
Xafis and colleagues argue that germline editing will increase inequality, moral limits on national interests are required, and structural inequalities prevent broad consensus. They call for…


Psychiatric genetic essentialism and stigma in child custody proceedings: Public views

Journal of Law and the Biosciences
Sabatello, Maya, Chao, Audrey, Insel, Beverly J., Corbeil, Thomas, Link, Bruce G., Appelbaum, Paul S.
Sabatello and colleagues find that genetic evidence increases essentialist thinking and explicit stigma influences the decision to deny custody to a parent with a psychiatric diagnosis among a…