NIH Jun 1, 2013 | S06

SouthCentral Research Foundation NARCH

Principal Investigator(s): Dillard, Denise

Institution: SouthCentral Foundation

FOA Number: N/A


In the Southcentral Foundation Research Center for Alaska Native Health (RCANH), SCF will position itself to achieve the chief purpose of NARCH - "to reduce health disparities, enhance partnerships and reduce distrust of research by American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities while developing a cadre of AI/AN scientists and health research professionals." Six independent yet synergistic efforts across 3 Cores and 3 Research Projects (RPs) will be undertaken. A SCF/ University of Washington (UW) partnership forms the nexus of the RCANH, building on 5 years of collaboration addressing SCF health priorities. Building research administration and scientific capacity among AN/Als and at SCF will be the focus of Cores. The Administrative Core will provide resources to build and manage administrative functions, facilitate coordination, and support strategic planning; the Faculty Development Core will promote the scientific development of researchers and professionals; and the Student Development Core will increase awareness of an interest in health research and science-related careers among students (middle, high school, undergraduate) and entry-level employees. Then, the 3 RPs provide additional research mentoring and experience while addressing key AN/AI public health issues - tobacco and alcohol misuse. RPs are translational, focused on improving services to potentially include pharmacogenetics (PGX). RP1 will determine the utility of genetic variations in guiding medication-based tobacco cessation among AN/Als receiving outpatient services; RP2 will develop then pilot an intervention for AN/Als with acute medical condition requiring tobacco cessation before surgery; and RPS will explore the underlying explanatory models of alcohol misuse and sobriety then the acceptability and perceived utility of different treatment strategies to include medication and PGX. With its strong community engagement record, SCF is well positioned to research important but sensitive issues like substance misuse in a respectful and collaborative way. Per prior and ongoing SCF/UW research, the SCF AN community wants to benefit from cutting-edge science and medicine and thus generally endorses genetic and PGX research provided harm is minimized. PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE: This grant will expand the research capabilities within an established Research Department of an innovative Alaska Native-run healthcare organization. Activities will position the Tribal health organization and AN/Als involved to become independent, competitive applicants for future research funding focused on community based participatory research approaches to acquire new knowledge in the betterment of AN/AI health.




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Start Date:
Jun 1, 2013

End Date:
May 31, 2018



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