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Collaborating with the CERA


Deanne Dolan

How can I collaborate with the CERA?

The Center for ELSI Resources and Analysis (CERA) is pleased to collaborate with individuals and organizations who share the mission of enhancing the production, sharing, and use of scholarship on the ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) of genetics and genomics.

While the CERA cannot offer funding outside of our support to the CERA Working Groups, we are eager to assist collaborators with organizational support, space on the ELSIhub platform, networking opportunities, and communications via the CERA newsletter and social media platform, @elsihub.

How does the CERA select new partners?

We value new collaborations that are of mutual benefit. Collaborators who would like to develop or offer new resources or programming and can bring the following are of particular interest to the CERA:

  • The ability to introduce the CERA, ELSIhub, or its resources to new audiences;
  • An interest in sharing existing or developing new resources that enhance the production and/or dissemination of ELSI scholarship;
  • Concrete plans to increase the racial diversity of the ELSI community and center the voices of scholars of color;
  • The capacity to bring “ELSI-adjacent” scholars closer to the center of the ELSI community;
  • A new perspective on a fundamental ELSI issue or focus on an emerging, high priority, or understudied issue;
  • The ability to facilitate production or dissemination of ELSI scholarship across national borders;

How can I further the existing work of the CERA?

The following are ways that collaborators can further the existing work of the CERA:

How do I tell the CERA that I would like to collaborate?

If you have an idea for collaboration please email your brief proposal or questions to [email protected].