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ELSIhub Presentations: American Society for Bioethics + Humanities, ASBH 24th Annual Conference, Portland, Oregon  - October 26-29, 2022

ELSI-related presentations at ASBH 2022

Please click link below to open entire schedule as a pdf file:



Thursday – Oct 27th

How inclusion matters: The perceived benefits and impacts of diversity in precision medicine research

8:15AM-9:30AM PT

Panel Presentation - Room D139-140

Nicole Foti, Caitlin McMahon, Larissa Saco, Dennis Zhang


Disability Justice in Precision Medicine and Genomic Research: Cultivating a Public Dialogue on Inclusion, Equity, and Access

9:45AM-11:00AM PT

Panel Presentation - Room E145

Skye Miner, Kevin Mintz, Nina Roesner, Maya Sabatello


Experiments in Public Bioethics: Learning from the Experiences of State-Funded Research Programs

9:45AM-11:00AM PT

Panel Presentation - Room E148

Aaron Levine, Geoffrey Lomax, Kirstin Matthews, Beth Roxland


The All of Us Responsible Conduct of Research Training: Fostering Ethical and Socially Responsible Research with Data from All of Us Participants

9:45AM-11:00AM PT

Panel Presentation - Room D136

Lottie Barnes, Katherine Blizinsky, Subhashini Chandrasekharan, Sonya Jooma


‘Managing prognosis’ in genetics: Utility, Communication, and Imagination

9:45AM-11:00AM PT

Panel Presentation - Room E147

Katharine Callahan, Brittany Lee, Rebecca Mueller


Legal Update 2022: Top 10 Legal Developments in Bioethics and Public Health

2:15PM-3:30PM PT

Panel presentation - General Session Room (BR 251‚ 256-258)

Arthur Derse, Valerie Gutmann Koch, Paul Lombardo, Thaddeus Pope


Increasing disability representation in bioethics: Coproduction and collaboration, rather than objectification

3:45PM-5:00PM PT

Panel Presentation - D139-140

Laura Cupples, Dora Raymaker, Joseph Stramondo, Holly Tabor


Friday – Oct 28th

ELSI Affinity Group

7:00AM-8:00AM PT

Affinity Group - Room E146

Daphne Martschenko, Anya Prince, James Tabery


Polygenic Embryo Screening: Ethical Challenges, Potential Benefits, and Stakeholder Perspectives

8:15AM-9:30AM PT

Panel Presentation - Room E145

Dorit Barlevy, Gabriel Lazaro-Munoz, Meghna Mukherjee, Stacey Pereira


Social Implications of African Americans Finding African Genetic Matches in Consumer Genetic Genealogy Results

8:15AM-9:30AM PT

Flash Presentation - BR 255

LaKisha David


Rethinking Family: A Conceptual Amelioration of Family in Response to Developments in Genomics and Assisted Reproductive Technologies

8:15AM-9:30AM PT

Flash Presentation - BR 255

Ryan Lam


Individualized Antisense Oligonucleotides for “N-of-Few” Genetic Conditions: Ethical Challenges

9:45AM-11:00AM PT

Panel Presentation - Room E144

Alison Bateman-House, Rafael Escandon, Liza-Marie Johnson, John Massarelli


The Ethics of Consent for Human Tissue Derived Organoids and Chimeras

9:45M-11:00AM PT

Paper Presentation - E147

Amitabha Palmer


The Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Human Stem Cell-Based Models for Early Human Embryo Development

9:45AM-11:00AM PT

Paper Presentation - Room E147

Kirstin Matthews


Usage of Human Tissue and Materials

9:45AM-11:00AM PT

Paper Presentation - Room E147

Aaron Levine, Kirstin Matthews, Amitabha Palmer


Expanding the empirical toolbox: the policy Delphi method and its applications for engaging the public in bioethics

3:15PM-4:30PM PT

Workshop - Room E144

Emily Anderson, Amy McGuire, Vasiliki Rahimzadeh, Jill Robinson


Investigative Genetic Genealogy from the Inside: What is Its Ethical Practice and Future?

4:45PM-6:00PM PT

Paper Presentation - Room D136

Jill Robinson


Artificial Intelligence

4:45PM-6:00PM PT

Paper Presentation - Room E145

Anita Ho, Ariadne Nichol


Disability Rights and Disability Justice after Dobbs: Advocacy, Allyship, and Access

4:45PM-6:00PM PT

Panel Presentation - D139-140

Liz Bowen, Kevin Mintz, Leah Smith, Tyler Tate


Saturday – Oct 29th

Risk and Pregnancy

8:00AM-9:15AM PT

Paper Presentation - Room E145

Inmaculada de Melo-Martin, Aya Enzo


Reimagining Consent for Biobanks: How using a health justice lens can inform future biobanking practices


Panel Presentation - Room E146

Kyle Brothers, Julia Brown, Julie Cakici, Aaron Goldenberg


Integration of ELSI and Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in Biomedical Research

9:30AM-10:45AM PT

Workshop - Room BR 255

Chessa Adsit-Morris, Dejda Collins, Sara Goering, Jenny Reardon and Sandra Soo-Jin Lee


Ethics of Genomic Uncertainty: Perspectives across the Perinatal Continuum

11:00AM-12:15PM PT

Panel Presentation - E146

Siobhan Dolan, Aaron Goldenberg, Stephanie Meredith, Marsha Michie


History of Reproduction and Law

11:00AM-12:15PM PT

Paper Presentation - D135

Heather Dron, Luke Haqq, Paul Lombardo