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ELSI Presentation ASHG 2022  Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA - October 25 - 29

ELSI-related presentations at ASHG 2022

Please click link below to open entire schedule as a pdf file:



Tuesday Oct 25th

Presidential Welcome and Address: One Human Race: Billions of Genomes

Plenary - Conv Ctr/West Hall A/West Building - S01

1:00PM-1:30PM PT


New advances in computational genome interpretation: From prediction to the clinic

Invited - Conv Ctr/Concourse Hall E/West Building - S09

5:35pm - 5:55pm PT

Wednesday Oct 26th

Understanding views towards gene editing in Switzerland

Poster Presentation - Conv Ctr/Exhibit/Poster Hall/South Building -Board No. PB2235

3:00PM-4:45PM PT

Kelly Ormond


Identifying ELSI needs in newborn screening research

Poster Presentation - Conv Ctr/Exhibit/Poster Hall/South Building Board No. PB2193

3:00PM-4:45PM PT

Caroline Lumpkins


Shared in Rare: Engaging stakeholders to develop a shared ELSI research agenda across rare diseases

Poster Presentation - Board No. PB2226

3:00PM-4:45PM PT

Courtney Berrios

Thursday – Oct 27th

Presidential Symposium: African Genomics

Plenary - Conv Ctr/West Hall A/West Building - S37

8:30AM-10:00AM PT


Voices from the community

Platform - Conv Ctr/Petree C/West Building -S44

10:45AM-12:15PM PT

  • The Silent Genomes ‘Precision Diagnosis Study’: A strategy to improve access to translational genomics research for Indigenous Peoples in Canada – Karen Jacob
  • Assessing Vietnamese American patient views toward incorporating genomics in primary care: A community engaged research approach - Amy Lemke
  • The perspective of community gatekeepers on genomic risk information in the context of orofacial cleft in an African population – Abimbola Oladayo
  • Participants as partners: how research participants guide the approach for returning genetic health- related information in the All of Us Research Program – Cynthia Neben
  • Effectiveness of the Family Heart Talk communication tool in improving family member screening for dilated cardiomyopathy: Results of a randomized trial – Daniel D. Kinnamon
  • Creation of a Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan to inform the National Society of Genetic Counselors' organizational goals – Heather Zierhut


Genetic Counseling, ELSI, Education, and Health Services Research Posters

Poster Presentation - Conv Ctr/Exhibit/Poster Hall/South Building

3:00PM-4:45PM PT


Featured Plenary Abstract Session III

Plenary - Conv Ctr/West Hall A/West Building - S53

5:15PM-7:00PM PT


Australia's National Centre for Indigenous Genomics enabling the inclusion of First Nations peoples in genomics

Plenary Presentation - Conv Ctr/West Hall A/West Building - Prog Nbr 337

5:55-6:15PM PT

Hardip Patel

Friday – Oct 28th

The impact of ascertainment, phenotyping, and population structure on human genetic research 8:30AM-10:00AM PT

Invited - Conv Ctr/Petree C/West Building - S57

Moderator - Renato Polimanti, Co-Moderator Loic Yengo

  • Human genetics provides insights into participation to research studies and nonresponse to questionnaires - Andrea Ganna
  • The impact of socioeconomic status in the polygenic risk of psychiatric traits and disorders: evidence of assortative mating in UK Biobank - Brenda Cabrera Mendoza
  • Year of birth bias in the association of polygenic score within the PsycheMERGE network - Maria Niarchou
  • Using polygenic scores distribution to detect ascertainment in observational studies - Adrian Campos


To report or not to report: The quandary of variants of uncertain significance (VUSs)

Invited - Conv Ctr/Concourse Hall E/West Building - S58

8:30AM-10:00AM PT

Moderator - Heidi L Rehm, Co-Moderator - Shawneequa Callier

  • Challenges of communicating VUSs from genetic testing results - Andrea Hanson-Kahn
  • The landscape of VUSs in a large clinical cohort undergoing molecular testing for hereditary disease - Dianalee McKnight
  • Not all VUSs are created equal - Heidi L Rehm
  • Reporting and return of results involving VUSs: Opinions from genetics providers - Sulagna Saitta


Upset the set up: Moving from community engagement to community empowerment

Invited - Conv Ctr/Room 502/West Building - S59

8:30AM-10:00AM PT

Moderator - Daphne Martschenko,  Co-Moderator - Markia Smith

  • Decolonizing DNA Through Storytelling - Janina Jeff
  • Bezos to Bottlenecks: The Chasm between Scientific Altruism & Extraction from the Amerindigenous - Joseph Yracheta
  • LGBTQIA+ Community Engagement with Genomic Studies on Same-sex Sexual Behavior: Lessons Learned - Robbee Wedow
  • From Objects to Subjects: Anti-Ableism and Community Engagement in Precision Medicine Research - Maya Sabatello


Population screening: From patient identification to return of results

Platform - Conv Ctr/West Hall A/West Building - S65

10:30AM-12:00PM PT

Moderator - Erin R. Riggs, Co-Moderator - Ebony Madden

  • Assessing a legal pathway to implement a cascade traceback screening program for ovarian cancer - Jennifer Wagner
  • The Precision Population Health Initiative, scaling genomic medicine into population health - Robert Green
  • Geno4ME: Establishment of an equitable whole-genome sequencing-based platform for clinical screening in a large healthcare system - Josiah T. Wagner
  • Genome-first evaluation with exome and clinical data uncovers underdiagnosis of genetic disorders in a large healthcare system - Iain Forrest
  • Tests and procedure rates following return of medically actionable monogenic variants within the eMERGE cohort - Jodell E Linder
  • Addition of chatbot to the return of genetic results process for biobank participants - Nicole Larson