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ELSI in Review • August 2023

About this listing

ELSI in Review is a listing of recently published reviews of the literature on key ELSI topics curated by CERA staff. Our August 2023 set explores ethical implications of gene editing for plant breeding, disparities in genetic testing for hearing loss, and more. If you would like your ELSI-relevant review featured in this communication, please contact us at [email protected]. You can find more reviews in the ELSIhub Publications database!

Genetic Testing and Counseling
  • Stark, Z., & Scott, R. H. (2023). Genomic newborn screening for rare diseases. Nature Reviews Genetics, 1–12.
  • Martins, M. F., Murry, L. T., Telford, L., & Moriarty, F. (2022). Direct-to-consumer genetic testing: An updated systematic review of healthcare professionals’ knowledge and views, and ethical and legal concerns. European Journal of Human Genetics, 30(12), Article 12.
  • van der Schaar, J., Visser, L. N. C., Bouwman, F. H., Ket, J. C. F., Scheltens, P., Bredenoord, A. L., & van der Flier, W. M. (2022). Considerations regarding a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease before dementia: A systematic review. Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy, 14(1), 31.
  • Rouse, S. L., Florentine, M. M., Taketa, E., & Chan, D. K. (2022). Racial and ethnic disparities in genetic testing for hearing loss: A systematic review and synthesis. Human Genetics, 141(3), 485–494.
  • Beauchesne, R., Birch, P., & Elliott, A. M. (2023). Genetic counselling resources in non-english languages: A scoping review. PEC Innovation, 2, 100135.
  • Crook, A., Jacobs, C., Newton-John, T., O’Shea, R., & McEwen, A. (2022). Genetic counseling and testing practices for late-onset neurodegenerative disease: A systematic review. Journal of Neurology, 269(2), 676–692.
Public Perspectives
  • Ahmed, L., Constantinidou, A., & Chatzittofis, A. (2023). Patients’ perspectives related to ethical issues and risks in precision medicine: A systematic review. Frontiers in Medicine, 10.
  • Benston, S. (2022). Walking a fine germline: Synthesizing public opinion and legal precedent to develop policy recommendations for heritable gene-editing. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, 19(3), 421–431.
  • Crellin, E., Martyn, M., McClaren, B., & Gaff, C. (2023). What matters to parents? A scoping review of parents’ service experiences and needs regarding genetic testing for rare diseases. European Journal of Human Genetics, 1–10.
Clinical Genetics
  • Bruce, J., & Johnson, S. B. (2022). Exploring the ethics of genetic prioritisation for COVID-19 vaccines. European Journal of Human Genetics, 30(8), Article 8.
  • Laaksonen, M., Airikkala, E., Halkoaho, A., & Paavilainen, E. (2023). A scoping review: Do instruments measuring genomic competence in nursing incorporate ethics? Nursing Open, 10(8), 4932–4947.
  • White, S., Jacobs, C., & Phillips, J. (2020). Mainstreaming genetics and genomics: A systematic review of the barriers and facilitators for nurses and physicians in secondary and tertiary care. Genetics in Medicine, 22(7), 1149–1155.
  • Ong, C. S. B., Fok, R. W.-Y., Tan, R. C. A., Fung, S. M., Sun, S., & Ngeow, J. Y. Y. (2022). General practitioners’ (GPs) experience, attitudes and needs on clinical genetic services: A systematic review. Family Medicine and Community Health, 10(4), Article e001515.
Gene Editing
  • Bartlett, M. E., Moyers, B. T., Man, J., Subramaniam, B., & Makunga, N. P. (2023). The power and perils of de novo domestication using genome editing. Annual Review of Plant Biology, 74(1), 727–750.
  • Idris, S. H., Mat Jalaluddin, N. S., & Chang, L. W. (2023). Ethical and legal implications of gene editing in plant breeding: A systematic literature review. Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE B.