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ELSI in Review • February 2022

About this listing

ELSI in Review is a listing of recently published, systematic reviews of the literature on key ELSI topics curated by CERA staff. Our February 2022 set explores experiences with and outcomes of genetic testing and counseling for special populations, evaluates decision support tools and the cost effectiveness of returning results, and other topics. If you would like your ELSI-relevant review featured in this communication, please contact us at [email protected]. You can find more reviews in the ELSIhub Publications database!

Genetic Testing & Counseling: Opinions, Experiences, & Barriers to Access
Psychological Outcomes Following Genetic Testing
Prenatal Screening, Newborn Screening, & Pediatric Sequencing
Return of Results
Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in the Use of Genetic Information for Psychiatric and Neurodegenerative Disorders
Effectiveness of Decision Support Aids