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ELSIconversations with the Ancestry and Diversity Working Group (ADWG) of ClinGen

The initial ADWG ELSIconversations were comprised of a series of three events on population descriptors (e.g., race, ethnicity, and/or ancestry) on clinical genetics laboratory requisition forms. ELSI scholars were invited, along with genetic and genomic researchers and those in related disciplines, to join us for these ELSIconversations and add their voice to interactive discussions of population descriptors in clinical care and genomics. The sessions were held between April - May 2022, and the schedule is listed below: 


Schedule and Videos

April 29: Shedding Light on the Use of Population Descriptors in Clinical Genetics - Watch the recording

Question: How is information about patient race, ethnicity, and ancestry on clinical laboratory requisition forms used in your work? In clinical genetics more broadly?

Goal: Understand context for race, ethnicity, and ancestry on clinical lab requisition forms


Moderator: Mildred Cho, PhD


May 6: Utility of Population Descriptors in Clinical Genetics - Watch the recording

Question: What is the most important information, conceptually, for clinical genetics professionals to do their jobs well? Is the information always necessary; if not, when is it critical vs. extraneous? When is it potentially harmful?

Goal: Distill the most relevant information among population descriptors that serves a purpose in the clinical curation pipeline, or other clinical genetics work


Moderator: Shoumita Dasgupta, PhD


May 20: Revisions to Demographic Representations on Clinical Lab Requisition Forms - Watch the recording

Question: If changes to these forms were to be recommended, what are the considerations that need to be made to implement these changes? Barriers/opportunities?

Goal: Identify the considerations necessary to change these clinical forms


Moderator: Altovise Ewing, PhD, LCGC