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Psychometric instrument

Genome Empowerment Scale (GEmS)


Author Name(s)
McConkie-Rosell, Allyn
Schoch, Kelly
Sullivan, Jennifer
Cope, Heidi
Spillmann, Rebecca C.
Palmer, Christina G. S.
Pena, Loren
Jiang, Yong-Hui
Daniels, Nicole
Walley, Nicole
Tan, Khoon Ghee
Undiagnosed Diseases Network
Hooper, Stephen R.
Shashi, Vandana



The GEmS can be used to assess the genomic healthcare empowerment of parents (e.g., the meaning of a diagnosis for their child, emotional management of the process, their confidence in utilizing the information, etc.) related to the conduct of genomic sequencing for diagnostic purposes in their children in both research and healthcare settings.

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Research Population



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McConkie-Rosell, A., Schoch, K., Sullivan, J., Spillmann, R. C., Cope, H., Tan, Q. K.-G., Palmer, C. G. S., Undiagnosed Disease Network,, Hooper, S. R., & Shashi, V. (2021). Clinical application of a scale to assess genomic healthcare empowerment (GEmS): Process and illustrative case examples. Journal of Genetic Counseling. Epub ahead of print.
McConkie-Rosell, A., Schoch, K., Sullivan, J., Cope, Heidi, Spillmann, R. C., Palmer, C. G. S., Pena, Loren, Jiang, Y., Daniels, N., Walley, N., Tan, K. G., Undiagnosed Diseases Network, Hooper, S. R., Shashi, V. (2019). The Genome Empowerment Scale (GEmS): An assessment of parental empowerment in families with undiagnosed diseases. Clinical Genetics, 96(6), 521-531.