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Explore our curated collection of resources including top publication outlets for ELSI scholars, Centers of Excellence in ELSI Research, ELSI databases and research centers, genome research consortia, statutes and legislation related to genomics, and bioethics resources.

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The Momentum blog is authored by the communications staff of Baylor College of Medicine with guest contributions from experts and members of the Baylor community. It covers health news, updates in medical education, and innovations in the medical community.

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  • Baylor College
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The Genomic and Precision Health Blog, authored by staff of the Office of Public Health Genomics at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, provides comments from a public health perspective on genomic and precision health research and programs conducted by CDC and other institutions.

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  • CDC
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  • Public Health

GenomeWeb is an independent, online news organization that provides news and in-depth analysis of the evolving market for high-throughput genome sequencing and other advanced molecular research tools.

  • molecular biology research
  • molecular diagnostics
  • news organization
  • research tools
  • molecular research tools

The Hastings Center Bioethics Briefings are nonpartisan overviews of key issues in bioethics contributed by leading bioethicists. Topics include DNA and law enforcement, gene patents, and genetic testing and screening, stem cells, synthetic biology, and others.

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  • perspectives
  • nonpartisan
  • gene patent
  • Genetic Screening
  • Law Enforcement
  • Mary Crowley, maintained by the editorial staff of The American Journal of Bioethics and directed by Editor-in Chief, David Magnus, Ph.D., publishes information on the latest journal publications, events, job opportunities, news, and original blogs authored by world-renowned bioethicists.

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  • David Magnus

Bioethics Today, the blog of the Alden March Bioethics Institute at the Albany Medical Center, hosts interviews, opinion pieces, and articles on healthcare policy, end-of-life decision making, emerging issues in genetics and genomics, and related topics.

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