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ELSIconversations 6: Misuse of Genomic Data

ELSIconversations - The Misuse of Genomic Data, Session 1


Full title: What Can Geneticists Do to Prevent the Misuse of Genomic Data?

Purdue University and CERA Collaboration

Recent, but reemergent misuses of genetic data and research remain a critical issue in the scientific and public spheres. While many scientists are concerned about how their own research might be misused by nefarious actors, training or advice about best practices in this area remains sparse. The first session will provide a forum for the discussion of practical actions for scientists interested in preventing the misuse of genetic data and research by white supremacists and others. The second session will focus on addressing the misuse of genetic data and research once it has happened.

Panelists: Amy Harmon & Jedidiah Carlson, PhD

Moderated by Robbee Wedow, PhD


Genomic Information
genomic data
genomic data privacy

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