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Study Protocol

CSER Phase 1: MedSeq Trials Published Study Protocol


Author Name(s)
Vassy, Jason L.
Lautenbach, Denise M.
McLaughlin, Heather M.
Won Kong, Sek
Christensen, Kurt D.
Krier, Joel
Kohane, Isaac S.
Feuerman, Lindsay Z.
Blumenthal-Barby, Jennifer
Roberts, J. Scott
Soleymani Lehmann, Lisa
Ho, Carolyn Y.
Ubell, Peter A.
MacRae, Calum A.
Seidman, Christine E.
Murray, Michael F.
McGuire, Amy L.
Rehm, Heidi L.
Green, Robert C.



This published study protocol for the MedSeq trials includes a description of the study design; recruitment, enrollment, and sample size plan; patient exclusion/inclusion criteria; and process of interpreting WGS results and delivering them to physicians. It also includes an example of a general genome report as well as a cardiac risk report.

Research Population:

Research Population


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