eMERGE III Health Care Provider Work Group: Pre-return of Results Physician Interview Guide

This semi-structured interview guide provides physicians with scenarios in which adult and pediatric patients receive unsolicited genomic results and elicits their views about the need for provider support materials, the involvement of genetic specialists in the disclosure process, concerns about liability, and other topics.

Semi-Structured Interview Guide: Storage and Use of Residual Newborn Bloodspots

Botkin and colleagues created this semi-structured interview guide to uncover what prospective parents are interested in knowing about the practice of retaining residual newborn screening bloodspots by state newborn screening programs for various purposes (e.g., quality assurance, biomedical research, and forensic applications). The guide contains seven interview questions to ask prospective parents about newborn screening/residual samples.

Family Health History Interview Guide

Chen and colleagues developed this qualitative interview guide to explore the topic of family health history with Chinese Americans in the United States. The English language version of the interview questions are available in the Data Collection and Measures section of the linked article. These include questions about the scope, accuracy, and importance of family health history and willingness to discuss health history with family members and physicians.

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