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Mainous and colleagues report the development and validation of the 12-item Trust in Medical Resesearchers Scale. This scale is designed to be self-administered. Several scale items assess concerns about research participation that may be unique to populations with documented mistrust in medicine. It could be used to assess barriers to participation in research and inform recruitment strategies. Item descriptions are available in Table 1 of the linked publication.

The GEmS can be used to assess the genomic healthcare empowerment of parents (e.g., the meaning of a diagnosis for their child, emotional management of the process, their confidence in utilizing the information, etc.) related to the conduct of genomic sequencing for diagnostic purposes in their children in both research and healthcare settings.

Ware and colleagues developed the SF-12, a shortened version of the 36-item short-form (SF-36) health survey, to measure physical and mental health in studies with large samples or constraints on questionnaire length.

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