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ELSIconversations 3: ELSIcon2022

ELSIconversations ELSICon2022: Access to Genetic Screening and Therapies: Case Study of Sickle Cell Disease


Co-Moderators: Liza Johnson, MD, MPH, MSB & Mildred Cho, PhD 

Presenters: Jeanne O'Brien, MD, MSc & Joshua Combs, MD, FACOG


Link to pre-recorded video: Will it be easier to cure sickle cell disease through gene therapy than prevent the disease through pre-implantation genetic testing for the selection of unaffected embryos?


This series includes selected recordings from the 2022 ELSI Congress, grouped by topic into four one-hour discussion and networking sessions. The presentation authors will briefly recap their research at each session, followed by moderated discussion and audience Q&A.


Genetic Screening
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