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Relationship Map

The Colored, Eco-Genetic Relationship Map (CEGRM)


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Kenen, Regina
Peters, June



Kenen and Preters designed the Colored Ecological and Genetic Relational Map (CEGRM), a pictoral map used to organize information about client relationships with biological and non-biological kin, for use in genetic counselling research with members of families with suspected risk of cancer or late-onset inherited disorders. Three relationship categories are included in a CEGRM including: 1) "information" or people with whom the client shares genetic and health information, 2) "service" or people who facilitate the client's genetic counseling appointment, and 3) "emotions" or people with whom clients would share their feelings about familial cancer risk or whose feelings they would consider when deciding to go for counseling or testing. Genetic counsellors can direct clients to construct a CEGRM or construct it themselves using information provided by clients.

Research Population:

Research Population



Validation Text

Peters, J. A., Kenen, R., Giusti, R., Loud, J., Weissman, N., & Greene, M. H. (2004). Exploratory study of the feasibility and utility of the colored eco-genetic relationship map (CEGRM) in women at high genetic risk of developing breast cancer. Am J Med Genet Part A, 130A, 258–264.

Peters, J. A., Hoskins, L., Prindiville, S., Kenen, R., & Greene, M. H. (2006). Evolution of the colored eco-genetic relationship map (CEGRM) for assessing social functioning in women in hereditary breast-ovarian (HBOC) families. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 15(6), 477-489.



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