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Psychometric instrument

Pediatric BRCA1/2 Testing Attitudes Scale (P-TAS)


Author Name(s)
Peshkin, Beth N.
DeMarco, Tiffani A.
Garber, Judy E.
Valdimarsdottir, Heiddis B.
Patenaude, Andrea F.
Schneider, Katherine A.
Schwartz, Marc D.
Tercyak, Kenneth P.



Peshkin and colleagues developed and tested the Pediatric BRCA1/2 Testing Attitudes Scale (P-TAS) to assess parental attitudes about and interest in testing their minor children for BRCA 1/2 mutations, which have been linked to breast and/or ovarian cancer risk. Item development was based on literature review and the research and counseling experiences of the authors. This 11-item instrument may be integrated into genetic counseling research or used to identify subgroups of parents who are highly motivated to have their children tested.

Research Population:

Research Population



Validation Text
Peshkin, B. N., Demarco, T. A., Garber, J. E., Valdimarsdottir, H. B., Patenaude, A. F., Schneider, K. A., Schwartz, Marc D., & Tercyak, K. P. (2009). Brief assessment of parents' attitudes toward testing minor children for hereditary breast/ovarian cancer genes: Development and validation of the Pediatric BRCA1/2 Testing Attitudes Scale (P-TAS). Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 34(6), 627-638.



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