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Clinical Bioethics Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Center for Bioethics is home to a one-year clinical ethics fellowship designed to provide intensive training for individuals seeking to do bedside clinical ethics under expert supervision. Our…


Informational Session on the Renewed ELSI Funding Opportunities

The National Human Genome Research Institute, in collaboration with several other NIH Institutes and Offices, recently renewed the three Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs) used to support…


Editorial: Toward a better understanding and application of benefit sharing in genomic and global health research

Frontiers in Genetics
Aminu Yakubu, Ann M. Mc Cartney, Dominique Sprumont


Forensic DNA phenotyping: Privacy breach, bias reification and the pitfalls of abstract assessments of rights

International Journal of Police Science & Management
Margaux Coquet, Nuria Terrado-Ortuño


Microbiome ownership for Indigenous peoples

Nature Microbiology
Matilda Handsley-Davis, Matthew Z. Anderson, Alyssa C. Bader, Hanareia Ehau-Taumaunu, Keolu Fox, Emma Kowal, Laura S. Weyrich


The ethical, legal, and social implications of genomics and disability: Findings from a scoping review and their human rights implications

Advances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Maria Vassos, Rhonda Faragher, Karen Nankervis, Radostina Breedt, Fran Boyle, Simon Smith, Jo Kelly


Privacy and ethical challenges of the Amelogenin sex test in forensic paternity/kinship analysis: Insights from a 13-year case history

Forensic Science International: Synergy
Alessandro Gabriele, Elena Chierto, Sarah Gino, Serena Inturri, Serena Aneli, Carlo Robino


Conflating race and ancestry: Tracing decision points about population descriptors over the precision medicine research life course

HGG Advances
Michael Bentz, Aliya Saperstein, Stephanie M. Fullerton, Janet K. Shim, Sandra Soo-Jin Lee