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The 5th ELSI Congress - ELSIcon2022

ELSIcon2022 Flash: Communicating precision medicine research: multidisciplinary teams and diverse communities


ELSIcon2022 • Flash • May 31, 2022

Julie Beans

Introduction: Precision medicine research investigates the differences in individuals’ genetics, environment, and lifestyle to tailor health prevention and treatment options as part of an emerging model of health care delivery. To equitably advance precision medicine research, effective communication across a wide range of scientific and health care disciplines is needed. With the goal of including diverse communities in precision medicine research, a common understanding of what precision medicine research entails among the research team is necessary to properly inform and drive clear communication from the research team to community leaders and members in which the research takes place.

Methods: A multidisciplinary group convened over the course of a year and developed precision medicine research case examples to facilitate precision medicine research discussions with community leaders and members.

Results: We developed a shared definition of precision medicine research that grounded the group in a common understanding of what was involved with precision medicine research. In addition, six case examples of precision medicine research on genetic risk, pharmacogenetics, epigenetics, the microbiome, mobile health, and electronic health records were developed.

Discussion/Conclusion: The precision medicine research definition and case examples can be used as planning tools to establish a shared understanding of the scope of precision medicine research across multidisciplinary teams. Moreover, the precision medicine research definition and case examples can facilitate discussions with the diverse communities in which precision medicine research will take place. This shared understanding is vital for successful and equitable progress as precision medicine advances.


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